About Us - Overview

In 2008, two entrepreneurs, one home improvement contractor and one internet guru, believed they had a better idea and formed an internet marketing company to better serve the home improvement industry.

Since then, we have grown beyond our expectations and we have found no one as reasonably priced as we are and no one better at what we can do for you.

From day one, we developed a forward thinking business model that eliminated the risk of marketing for small businesses.

Our reasoning was that by eliminating financial risk, having no contracts, no upfront charges and returning a positive ROI, we would retain our customers. That has worked very well for us.

Smarter. Web.

About Us - What We Do

We focus.

Most marketing companies attempt to get their clients into comprehensive programs such as "brand building", "live chat" and "awareness" campaigns.

Nonsense. They are marketing to you, not for you. We focus on what we know works for our customers and their industry.

The only reason for you to market your company on the internet is for you to make money.

We offer a simple, straightforward turn-key program that works.

Smarter Web is so confident about our abilities to bring you positive ROI, we charge nothing upfront and get you online for free.

About Us - How It Works

We make it easy for you.

There are two things necessary for you to capture your share of internet phone calls and emails.

First, you need a world-class website that is attractive, full of compelling content and easy to use. A website designed for your customers searching the internet for what you do.

Next, you need perfected search keyword sets that will target only serious consumers and bring them to the website.

We provide you with the marketing website, define the search keywords, write the ads and manage the campaigns. Everything you need, nothing you do not.

About Us - Why It Works

Smarter Ideas = Smarter Results

We are marketing experts. We love marketing. We live, eat and breathe marketing. That is our strength and that's what we want to do for you.

We are subject matter experts in the industries we market for. To properly market an industry, we must make a commitment to fully understand the challenges our customers face every day in the real world.

We offer a simple, straightforward turn-key program for contractors that works.

We work hard for you. When we say we do not succeed unless you succeed, we mean it.