Marketing - Overview

We are not an SEO company.

SEO has its place within internet marketing, but we feel that depending on SEO performance is not a prudent business model for our customers.

Smarter Web is a SEM company (Search Engine Marketing company). As a SEM company, we use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing extensively with all of our websites.

Our reasoning was that by eliminating financial risk, having no contracts, no upfront charges and returning a positive ROI, we would retain our customers. That has worked very well for us.

Our unique and effective combination of world-class websites integrated with meticulously-targeted search campaigns delivers our clients positive ROI from day one.

Our business strategy is designed to foster long-term win-win relationships that have a true partnership feel. Our goal is to make money with our customers.

Marketing - Strategy

Google currently serves over 100 billion searches each month. The core of Smarter Web's marketing strategy is to get you found by these consumers already searching for your service.

In this economy, it is too wasteful to throw marketing dollars in the air (radio, TV, print) and hope they land on a potential customer ready to spend money for your services.

Smarter Web targets only the highest quality searches then delivers high-quality ads to those consumers.

When the consumer clicks on our ad, they are taken to a world-class website that will educate, entertain, entice, engage and instill trust and confidence with the consumer for the services you provide.

Marketing - Websites

Separate yourself from the competition.

World-class websites are key to gaining trust from consumers. Current Google benchmarking data for Home Improvement websites shows that the average consumer spends only 55 seconds and views just 2.6 pages before moving on.

Smarter Web builds visually stunning websites that are unrivaled by our competitors.  Websites that project your company as strong, successful, competent, detail oriented and trustworthy.

We do not charge anything to build a marketing website for your use. We consider the setup and customization costs our investment in you. Our relationship starts with both of us wanting your company to succeed.

See website examples here.

Marketing - Costs

Our charges are simple.

When a consumer searches in a major search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing & AOL) and clicks on a paid ad to visit your website, we charge you our wholesale cost from the search engine provider plus a markup for our profit.

That's all we charge for.

If you do not get any visitors from paid ads, you owe nothing. You only pay for what you get.

If you send consumers directly to the website (, there is no charge for that either. You only pay when we pay (search engine providers).

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo DaVinci

Marketing - Budgets

You have full control over your budgets.

Search engine providers allow us to set "Daily Budgets" for each website individually.

If you choose to budget $200.00 per week for a website, we set the daily budget to $28.50. You can change your budget as often as you like.

We have websites with budgets as low as $25.00 per week all the way up to $10,000.00 per week.

We understand that in many industries things change and change fast. Employee turnovers, adverse weather, too much business at one time - it all happens in the real world.

Smart policies like this has made Smarter Web the industry leader in customer retention (98% year-over-year).

Marketing - Reports

It is very important to stay informed.

Each week we send reports that detail:

Each month we send reports that detail:

We can create a custom report for you at any time per your specifications.

Marketing - Territory

It is all about connecting with each community

We help you create an Indigenous Local Presence (ILP).

Both websites and marketing campaigns are finely tuned to each specific territory. As part of our larger Geo-Targeting strategies, this optimizes the return on investment considerably.

How big is enough?

For service industry companies, we suggest no more than a one-hour drive radius. Larger territories will require multiple websites to cover properly.

We are demographics experts, we will help you choose territory criteria that best fit your company and bring you customers in that area.

Marketing - Connect

Getting connected is essential in today's market.

When a consumer is reading your website and decides to send you an email, the best time to talk to them is right now.

We can get a email lead to 1 or 100 people in under a minute, right to your cell phone.

Same for telephone calls. We can route website calls to multiple people too.

Today's consumer is impatient and the first company to make contact is the company likely to get the business.

We can show you how to efficiently get and stay connected and we will help with all the technical details.