National - Overview

Unmatched ROI.

Our competitors don't even come close.

We start by building you a custom, one-of-a-kind, world-class marketing website, just for your brand. Your new website will be perfectly optimized for the shopping consumer.

Your ultra high-technology website is 100% mobile and tablet compatible and will dominate your competitors.

We do all this at no charge to you.

We then put these optimized websites in every city you wish to do business and bring you consumers in these markets at the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

Our cost-per-acquisition cannot be beat.

National - Automotive

We get it.

Old media advertising is less and less effective. Most of your customers stopped reading the newspaper years ago.

Making the right impression is key in the automotive industry. Our websites are second to none in sheer beauty and user friendliness.

Evoking passion with your clients will not only get you more online time invested by the consumers, but also increase their desire to purchase from you.

We deliver outstanding return on investment from small ticket auto accessories to six-figure sports cars.

Come take a test drive at Smarter Web and let us show you how to grow your business fast.

National - Corporate

It is all about connecting with each community

We help you create an Indigenous Local Presence (ILP).

What many national campaigns ignore is the fact that truly successful marketing requires your company to relate to your consumers at the community level.

Most firms cannot provide a truly local presence since they do not have the framework in place to make it happen affordably.

We do.

We invented the ILP architecture and have made it so efficient, we can build dozens, hundreds, thousands of websites in every single market you desire to dominate, with no upfront cost.

National - Franchise

What if you could get every franchisee online with a world-class website and retain total control, for free?

You can.

You decide who pays for marketing. 100% franchisee, co-op or corporate can choose to pay. We customize billing on a case-by-case basis.

You control all content and decide when sites go live and when they go dark.

Want to run a special only in Arizona for the holidays? Coupons, specials, discounts and promotions can be distributed nationally or targeted all the way down to a single store to test a single market.

What can we do for you?

National - Manufacturers

To sell more product, your dealers/distributors need to sell it first

Convincing them to market online used to be difficult.

Until now.

Getting independent dealers on board with marketing efforts can be very challenging. We make it easy with a free website.

Demonstrate to your dealers that you want them to succeed with a world-class customized website provided by you, at no charge.

Increasing their sales increases your sales. We can custom tailor a marketing solution where everybody gets the best of both worlds at the lowest price possible.

National - Multi-location

Let the internet lead the way

What areas should you expand your growing company into?

We can get you that answer. By opening internet storefronts first, you can actually test each community before committing to moving assets into that area permanently.

We are experts at creating an Indigenous Local Presence (ILP). In service based industries, we can get you up and running in new territories within days.

Whether it is a few territories in one state, or hundreds over a large region, we can help you grow your company faster than anyone.

With a lot less risk.